BODA Information Technologies is dedicated in software outsourcing.

We are a solely foreign-owned software company, dedicated in software outsourcing services, and extremely experienced in IT Outsourcing industry. We have been developing very good relationship with our clients over the past 6 years. With our professional technical teams, we focus on the applications development and provide a variety of IT services and perfect technical support for our clients from countries and regions over the world like Australia, China, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Taiwan and etc.

Honesty, Dedication, Precision, Teamwork

BODA IT is headquartered in Changshu, Jiangsu Province in China, with operations in Australia and North America. We are the first software company in Changshu and one of the first batch of demonstration organizations in Jiangsu manufacturing informatization. With ‘Connecting the world, creating the future!’ as our company strategy and software outsourcing as our key service, we believe “Better service, better software” and have been promoting information technologies globally to help our clients reduce the IT cost, enhance their core competence and finally stimulate company growth.

Verified Certificates

  • Certificate of
    Software Company
  • Certificate of
    Software Product
  • CMMI ML3
  • Certified New and
    High-Technology products
  • Teaching Practice Base
  • Advanced Technology Business